A Rustle in the Grass

by Robin Hawdon

With the advent of the digital age, Robin Hawdon’s first novel, ‘A Rustle In The Grass’, written thirty years ago, has now attracted a list of remarkable 5 star reviews on Amazon. Consequently it has been republished by Thistle in a revised version.

“It’s wonderful!  A celebration of hope and courage and dignity in the face of destruction….”  Amazon review.

Cover blurb:-

“At a distance the countryside appears to stretch quietly and idyllically under the blue sky. Peaceful and untroubled, far from the wars and woes of man, nature moves through her timeless cycles. But look closer. For there in the secret world beneath the grasses lies an empire in turmoil.

A great leader has died and, as the enemy prepares its armies for war, rebellion is whispered through the undergrowth.

There, in the kingdom of the ants, hidden from the gaze of man, a young warrior searches for his identity and fulfilment as the old order collapses around him, and his turbulent community struggles to revive, whilst at the same time preparing to defend itself against obliteration by the forces of tyranny.”

4.8 out of 5 stars