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Robin Hawdon has been writing plays, film scripts, musicals and novels for many years. His plays include some of theatre’s best-known comedies, playing in numerous countries and multiple languages.

Robin’s books range from literary sagas to children/YA books – from political intrigue to suspense thrillers. Plus a highly praised memoir of sixty years in show business.

Robin Hawdon Latest News

The Land, The Land

Hawdon’s latest novel. Just published. Winner of the Literary Titan Book Award (USA)

A farmer and his family who love their land above all else.

A tycoon who wishes to run a rail line through it.

Political leaders with their own schemes and ambitions.

Set between some of the wildest and most glorious scenery in Britain, and the heaving London metropolis, this epic thriller traces the clash of personalities, environmental interests, and ultimately the philosophies of twenty first century society.

‘Beautifully written… complete with a few astounding surprises… an absolutely enjoyable novel from beginning to end.’  Readers Favourite review.

Number Ten

Robin Hawdon’s recent post-Brexit thriller.  Political intrigue, high crime,  romantic entanglement, and insights into the power politics within Number Ten Downing Street. (Sign up below for a FREE audio version)

Short listed for the International Thriller Award, and the Euroscript Screenwriters Award (screenplay version).

“Akin to taking a breathtaking fairground ride…”

 “Must be a sure-fire candidate for a film or TV serial… Better than The Bodyguard.” Amazon reviews

Die Laughing

Hawdon’s newest comedy, hot off the computer, and hugely topical in the light of Putin’s antics. An incompetent minor government unit finds itself at the centre of a new cold war.

“If it wasn’t so funny it would be terrifying.”

Almost Famous: Recollections

Newly published autobiography

Few people’s careers have spanned as many aspects of the show business world as have Robin Hawdon’s. From stage, TV, and film actor (who came close to being James Bond), to playwright performed in over forty countries, to West End stage director, to mainstream Theatre Director, to award winning novelist, his activities include both triumphs and major setbacks.

Here are told stories of his encounters with many famous names from British and Hollywood show business, together with entertaining tales of Hawdon’s lively domestic life spread over four different countries.

Other Books by Robin

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