Author and writer of some of the theatre’s most popular comedies 

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Robin Hawdon’s plays include some of the theatre’s best known comedies, playing in many countries and in diverse languages.

Over the last decade there have been productions in major theatres in New York, Chicago, Paris, Berlin, Bonn, Tel Aviv, Warsaw, Krakow, Sydney, Zurich, Johannesburg, Russia, Scandinavia, Italy, Turkey, etc.  

“….most enduring comedies on the international theatre circuit…. staple diet of stock and amateur theatres everywhere.”  Amazon editorial.

Here are described a number of the best known plays, together with  extracts from their international reviews, and short dialogue examples from each text.

Hawdon is also a serious novelist.  Find here descriptions of his novels with many 5 star Amazon reviews.

Robin Hawdon Latest News

Explosive new post-Brexit thriller

British ‘WEST WING’ meets the ‘BOURNE’ stories.

“Wow!  Number Ten begins in explosive fashion and maintains a high-octane, fast pace until the very last word.  A glorious thriller that kept me enthralled throughout.”    Linda Hill

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New blog for writers, new and established.

Quick tips on the whole huge business of writing – novels, stage plays, film scripts.

From a writer with long experience.   Click on BLOG above.   


  Brand new farce hot off the keyboard.  Now looking for its first productions.

robin hawdon - Honour Amongst Thieves image

Honeymoon couple arrive at their luxury London (New York? Paris?) hotel suite for their first passionate night together. Only problem is the rooms have been mixed up and gang bosses, The Snake and The Scorpion, have also booked this one for a crucial meeting.  Seems the choice of fates for the newly-weds is off the balcony or down the lift-shaft. Enter third mysterious gangster, The Spider, and all hell breaks loose. Who is fooling who? What’s happened to all the loot? Who is going to get the girl, the money, or the bullet? Has organised crime ever reached such a level of incompetence….?

Anyone wanting to find out please contact the author’s agent.

(Coup de Grace)

Comedy set during the famous Cannes Film Festival.

 World premiere in Germany, May 2017.  Premieres in Australia, Canada in 2018 and USA in 2019
“Hawdon fools the audience with an array of assumptions and his permutation games reach dazzlingly absurd heights”
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New book of poems for children. Order on Amazon.
“A vibrant, hugely entertaining book that adults and children can share and enjoy together.” Linda Hill

The perfect present for kids aged 5 to 11. The children’s poems cover everything from youthful games and exploits, to the problems of growing up, to the ups and downs of school and family life, to the joys of seaside holidays. For all parents and grand parents who want something new and entertaining with which to occupy those tricky lights-out bedtime moments.

robin hawdon - charley poon’s pomes image

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