Robin Hawdon Novels

Explosive new post-Brexit thriller. Political intrigue, high crime, terrorism, romantic entanglement, and insights into the power politics within Number Ten Downing Street.

British ‘WEST WING’ meets the ‘BOURNE’ stories.

Published on and Kindle – April 9th 2019

charley poon’spomes image

Charley Poon’s Pomes cover everything from youthful games and exploits, to the problems of growing up, to the ups and downs of school and family life, to the joys of country and seaside holidays….

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For in the secret world beneath the grasses lies an empire in turmoil. A revered leader had died and, as the enemy prepares its armies for war, rebellion is whispered through the undergrowth….

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Does God really exist? Are science and religion incompatible bedfellows? Charles Darwin shook philosophy to its foundations with his theory of evolution, yet strangely, he himself refrained from commenting in depth about the religious implications….

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