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NUMBER TEN (Downing Street)

Explosive post-Brexit thriller now attracting many five star reviews (see below and on Amazon). 

British ‘WEST WING’ meets the ‘JASON BOURNE’ stories. (The screenplay is already written – see under ‘film scripts’.)

NUMBER TEN – review by top Amazon reviewer Linda Hill on

“Wow! Number Ten begins in explosive fashion and maintains a high-octane, fast pace until the very last word. Reading Number Ten felt akin to riding a rather breathtaking fairground ride and I hardly had time to catch my breath. Although this is fiction, so many similar events to those in the plot have happened recently here in the UK and abroad in countries like Sri Lanka, after Number Ten‘s publication, that any suspension of disbelief that might have been needed simply evaporated. The action in Number Ten felt real, vivid and only too scarily possible.

     It is obvious that Robin Hawdon writes with a director’s eye. He understands exactly what information is needed to hook the reader, to create setting and to drive the action, making reading the book an almost cinematic experience. Number Ten would translate into the most fabulous television series because the pace is perfect and there are surprises that shock in a scenario that is utterly believable. On occasion, the reader only receives information at the same time as the characters so that it feels as if you’re part of the action too. Indeed, I found the quality of the writing completely engaging. The present tense used for Rafik creates an immediacy and ongoing threat and those passages involving Paul are slick, sophisticated and superbly crafted. I think the natural quality of the direct speech adds to the sensation that Number Ten is something special.

    Themes of corruption, love, loyalty, betrayal, threat, politics in many forms, idealism, policing – I could go on – weave their way through this exciting story so naturally, making Number Ten all the more captivating.

     I so enjoyed Number Ten. If I say that I had to give up trying to sleep at three in the morning because I only had 40 pages or so left to read and I kept wondering what was happening in my absence, you’ll know how powerful a hold the narrative had on me.  Number Ten is a glorious thriller that kept me enthralled throughout. I really recommend it.”

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5.0 out of 5 stars    Superb Thriller

 “I never can resist a book that involves my ex work, some are good, this was outstanding. The author has obviously done much research into the working of Number Ten, Parliament and all things associated with it, delivered in an interesting and very ‘readable’ way.  I loved it.  I found the whole story absorbing and very up to date ( re the current political climate ) and there was a fabulous twist at the end.  A really good tight thriller that I would recommend even if this is not your normal genre.   10/10   5 Stars”

5.0 out of 5 stars    P.S.
“Rarely have I devoured a book so voraciously. Must be a surefire candidate for a film or TV serial.”

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