Robin Hawdon Novels

charley poons pomes by robin hawdon image

Charley Poon's Pomes

Charley Poon’s Pomes cover everything from youthful games and exploits, to the problems of growing up, to the ups and downs of school and family life, to the joys of country and seaside holidays. For all parents and grand parents who want something new and entertaining with which to occupy those tricky lights-out bedtime moments.

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a rustle in the grass by robin hawdon

A Rustle in the Grass

With the advent of the digital age, Robin Hawdon’s first novel, ‘A RUSTLE IN THE GRASS’, written thirty years ago, has now attracted a list of remarkable 5 star reviews on Amazon. Consequently has just been republished by Thistle in a revised version.

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survival of the fittest by robin hawdon image

Survival of the Fittest

Does God really exist? Are science and religion incompatible bed fellows? Surprisingly Charles Darwin himself, whose theory of evolution did more than anything to ignite these fundamental debates, refrained from commenting in depth about its philosophical implications for fear of creating yet greater furore.

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