How To Write – intro

How To Write is aimed at all those who aspire to know more on how to write, be it a novel, stage play, movie script, or just a pitch. How To Write is a collection of brief comments about the extraordinary process of writing by a writer with HUGE experience in most of them (I am old!).

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Job Satisfaction – Tip 2

the motivation. What one might call the job satisfaction of the work. Many writers complain that they do not enjoy the process. They find it agonising, daunting, or stressful. I cannot understand this.

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Working Conditions – Tip 3

Now, before we get onto the actual content of what you are writing, let’s consider the circumstances under which you are doing it. Your working conditions will affect your productivity enormously. Simply sitting day after day, tapping away with no break except for a cup of coffee, is not in the long run going to be good for either your health or your productivity.

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Tension And Pace – Tip 7

The next most crucial items in the writer’s armoury are Tension and Pace. It doesn’t matter how vital your subject matter or how brilliant your writing style; if you don’t have tension in your story, and if it doesn’t move with pace, your readers will get bored or frustrated.

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Planning Your Book – Tip 8

You’ve got your brilliant idea for a book (play, film). How do you then plan its execution? How do you work out the plot, imagine the characters, determine the twists, the conflicts, the climaxes?

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Writing style – Subjective v Objective – Tip 9

In this article I am talking about writing style, or more specifically, Subjective vs Objective writing styles. I thought I might title this article "Autobiographical versus Imagined Writing". It would certainly be fitting. But I am interested in how Subjective vs Objective writing styles play out.

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