The Big Trap – Tip 13

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I feel compelled to write a new blog, out of some frustration. I have seen a number of films recently, watched a number of TV series, and read a number of books - which have all ultimately disappointed. Why?

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Making Money – Tip 15

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This is a big one. How Do You Make Money From Your Writing? It is a sobering fact that authors in the UK, whose primary occupation is writing, earn on average only around £10,000 p.a. from their royalties (and this includes the blockbusters' earnings). American authors earn a bit more, but still not a living wage. And self-published authors earn a good deal less.

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Six Secrets To Good Writing

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Disclosure - I am a 'prize winning' author but not a huge best seller. I am best known as a playwright, but not as a novelist, although I have written half a dozen books with various nominations and laudatory reviews. Writing them is one thing, selling is quite another!

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