How To Write – intro

How To Write is aimed at all those who aspire to know more on how to write, be it a novel, stage play, movie script, or just a pitch.


Job Satisfaction – Tip 2

job satisfaction

Before we get to the actual business of writing, let’s consider the motivation. What one might call the job satisfaction of the work.

Many writers complain that they do not enjoy the process. They find it agonising, daunting, or stressful. I cannot understand this. To me, whilst it may at times be frustrating, it seems the most fulfilling job on the planet. Creativity in whatever form, in whatever job, is the secret to happiness – the arts are the most creative of all occupations – and writing is the art that combines both imagination and intellect to the greatest degree.

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Working Conditions – Tip 3

3 Tips About Working Conditions

Now, before we get onto the actual content of what you are writing, let’s consider the circumstances under which you are doing it. Your working conditions will affect your productivity enormously. Simply sitting day after day, tapping away with no break except for a cup of coffee, is not in the long run going to be good for either your health or your productivity.

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Keeping Fit – Tip 4

Keeping fit is crucial when becoming a writer, because one’s state of fitness affects one’s creative state of mind HUGELY.


What Kind Of Writing – Tip 5

Okay – let’s get to the writing itself!

The first thing to decide is what kind of writing to embark on – i.e. which genre or medium is best for your talents. This may sound obvious, but it’s extraordinary how many people don’t give it much thought.

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Tension And Pace – Tip 7

The next most crucial items in the writer’s armoury. It doesn’t matter how vital your subject matter, or how brilliant your writing style, if you don’t have tension in your story, and if it doesn’t move with pace, your readers will get bored or frustrated.


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