Die Laughing by Robin Hawdon

die laughing - a play by robin hawdon

There is always good fun to be had on the subject of committee meetings – the clashes of opinions and personalities, the rivalries, liaisons and Machiavellian tactics. Several plays have been written on the subject.

In this case the committee is a far more crucial one than the ordinary village or local council affair. This is a Whitehall governmental outfit that finds itself right at the heart of a cataclysmic international crisis. In such cases a huge responsibility rests on the shoulders of the person at the head of the group, and when that person is a megalomaniac prima donna with ambitions far beyond his capabilities, then the unintended consequences can be catastrophic.

It matters not that his beleaguered staff almost come to blows themselves in trying to restrain him and avert disaster. When visions of glory and world recognition flourish, then ego will always trump prudence. God, or somebody, save us all!