Volcanic Eruptions

Cast & Setting


  • PIERRE LAROCHE (proprietor of La Bonne Auberge)
  • LOUIS LAROCHE (his son)
  • OLD GASTON (waiter)
  • JOHN DUDLEY (film star)
  • RACHEL DUDLEY (theatre star)
  • LISA LAMONT (Hollywood actress)
  • BORIS BRAKOWSKI (Russian oligarch)
  • IVOR SAWFOOT (journalist)
  • MADAME LAROCHE (Pierre's wife - voice off only)


The central reception foyer of a small country hotel somewhere outside London. The hotel is one of those old family-run establishments whose slight air of dilapidation only add to their charm.

Note for foreign producers: The play is set in England but could just as easily be set in their own country, since French restaurateurs and hoteliers are everywhere. Only the hotel staff would have to remain French.