Shady Business

published by Samuel French
Recent comedy which has premiered with great critical success in Britain, America, Germany, and Poland.

M andy and Tania are struggling night-club dancers living in Soho, heart of London’s night life, and they are in crisis. Will possessive club owner Big Mack find out about Mandy’s affair with Gerry and Tania’s affair with Terry, and set his side-kicks on them both? Will he discover that he’s owed money which was stolen from him in the first place, gambled on his own roulette table in the second place, and borrowed back from him in the third place? Will Gerry be found hiding in Mandy’s bathroom and Terry be caught delivering the dinner? Will Terry reveal that he’s really Gerry and Gerry is Terry? Will anyone ever find out what the hell is going on, and will they save their skins before the curtain comes down? A cross between ’Guys and Dolls’ and ’Some Like It Hot’, and the action doesn’t stop until its climactic conclusion.


  • MANDY (A Night-Club Dancer)
  • GERRY (Her Boyfriend)
  • TANIA (Another Dancer)
  • TERRY (A Lad About Town)
  • BIG MACK (A Gang Boss)
  • DOZER (His Side-Kick)
  • HARRY THE HAMMER (A Loan Shark)


T he main living room of a smart London studio apartment. the furnishings and personal belongings are feminine, frilly and rather gaudy, in contrast to the sophisticated architecture.