Perfect Wedding


“Laughs abound in the American premiere... It all works out in the end, but not before playgoers have aching sides.” - USA - Wisconsin Advocate

“... The audience is left aching with laughter.... It makes for a crazy, wonderful evening.” - Germany - Bonn Schaufenster

“This fast-moving and hugely entertaining comedy.... produces an endless series of excuses, games of hide-and-seek, lies, confusions and false confessions.... every cue is spot on, every joke a winner - right up to the unexpected happy end.” - Cologne Express

“.... a splendid evening in the theatre.... met with lengthy applause and shouts of approval.” - Austria - Vienna Donnerstag

“The play moves at the speed of light, with a riot a minute that leaves the audience crying with laughter.... the perfect medicine for all those thinking about getting married.” - UK - Daily Mail

“The whole show reminded me of a cross between Fawlty Towers and a Whitehall Farce... forget the wedding album, this is one scrapbook you'll never tire of looking at.” - U.K. - Derbyshire Times

“In Russia nobody writes plays like this. It’s a pity because when such texts are well-translated and staged they are very popular... The audience laughed continuously for two hours, and then gave long applause. An excellent sitcom - the first of its kind at the Stage Molot Theatre. Hopefully not the last.” - Senat Perm