Now published by Samuel French. A sweet, rich, and beautiful girl, during the most traumatic weekend of her life, finds herself having promised marriage to three different men. A true romantic comedy in the style of ‘Philadelphia Story’ (‘High Society’). It can be transposed to any national setting.

Diana has it all. Beautiful, intelligent, sweet natured. The sort of rare girl that all men swoon over. What’s more she is the daughter of that most reviled of species, a wealthy banker. The three men in her life are Jamie, the much envied man to whom she is officially betrothed; Tom, the attractive boyfriend of Jamie’s sister; and Geoff, the oldest friend who is to be best man. Diana’s insurmountable problem is that, during the course of the longest weekend of her life, she finds herself having promised marriage to all three! How can she decide? What matters most - familiarity, suitability, sexual passion? Can she make up her mind in time for the big society wedding arranged in a month’s time? Bewildered banker’s wife, Ann, finds herself having to act as negotiator, counsellor, traffic controller, legal advisor, judge, jury, and fortune teller to an entire household of distraught people. And it isn’t discovered until the final curtain who it is that Diana chooses.


  • ANN (50ish, elegant)
  • JAMIE (30, her son, individual)
  • HOLLY (26, her daughter, ditto)
  • DIANA (27, the bride, stunning)
  • GEOFF (30, best man, good man)
  • TOM (30, Holly’s boyfriend, attractive)


T he main living room of a wealthy home in the commuter belt. Superb, if showy, taste. Comfortable and expensive furnishings. Artistic adornments. On a shelf in a prominent position is a reproduction statuette of Rodin’s The Thinker. Upstage to one side a wide archway to the hall and the rest of the house. To the other side a door to the garden.