A Night In Provence

Robin Hawdon’s recent comedy of manners, premiered in the UK and Germany to splendid reviews.

Ah Provence! The French Riviera. Where the well-to-do rent luxury villas for exorbitant sums in order to get their annual fix of sun, sea, and haute cuisine. However, imagine the crisis if one such sumptuous place was double booked. Worse – imagine it triple booked! By a French couple, an English couple, and heaven forbid, an Irish couple. Marriages have foundered on less. Add the ingredients of copious champagne, heightened sexual impulses, and ingrained cultural differences, and the European Union comes close to imploding!


  • FRED (A Londoner)
  • JUDY (His Wife)
  • SHAUN (An Irishman)
  • MOIRA (His Wife)
  • MAURICE (A Parisian)
  • YVETTE (His Wife)
  • All are in their late thirties/early forties.

The main living area of a traditional affluent holiday home in the South of France. Wide open-plan space. On the forestage a terrace running the full width of the stage. Light and shade and Provencal colours everywhere.